Round 5 Pairings (October 6th)

I will likely not be around for this one so I'm posting this now:

Giggity vs. Jaquish and Friends
Hatcher's Attacker's vs. Kemp & Associates
Dooley, et al vs. The Kraaing Game

Round 4 Pairings (August 4th)

Giggity vs. Kraaing Game
Schneider v. Robison
Flores v. Hyde
Kerns v. ??

Kemp & Associates vs. Jaquish and Friends

Kemp        vs.  Mcroberts
Veitch       vs.  Carter
Lubin        vs. Forfeit

Dooley, et al vs. Hatcher's Attackers

Greg Currin v. Hatcher
?? v. Glassman
?? v. Johnston


Round 3 Pairings (June 2nd)

Giggity vs. Dooley/Trujillo/Currin/Trujillo
Hatcher's Attackers vs. Jacquish & Friends
Kemp, et al. vs. Kraaing Game


Round 2 Pairings

Round 2 Pairings

Hatcher's Attackers vs. Giggity

Hatcher vs. Schneider
Johnston vs. Flores
Glassman vs. Herrington

Kemp/Maestes/Veitch/Lubin vs.

Kemp vs. Snediker
Maestes (rd 1)/Vietch (rd 2) vs. Julian Trujillo
Lubin vs. Daniel Trujillo

Kraaing Game vs. Jaquish/McRoberts/Carter

Quintana vs. Jaquish
Mitch Robison vs. Mcroberts
Hampton vs. Carter


Round 1 Pairings


Hatcher's Attackers vs. Kraaing Game

Hatcher vs. Quintana
Johnston vs. Hampton
Glassman vs. Hyde

Kemp/Maestes/Veitch/Lubin vs. Giggity

Kemp vs. Schneider
Maestes vs. Flores
Veitch vs. Kerns

Dooley/Currin/Trujillo vs. Jaquish/McRoberts/Carter

Dooley vs. Jaquish
Currin vs. McRoberts
Trujillo vs. Carter (1st round is a 1/2pt bye for both 3rd boards)

(*) The lower rated team has the choice to play 1st game with white or black on boards 1 & 3. In the second game, each player will have opposite colors of the first game.


Welcome to the ACL Homepage!

This site, dedicated to the Albuquerue Chess League (ACL), will provide you with a listing of the teams entered, official rules, pairings, standings, logistical information, and occasionally games/videos/or game related content.

What is the ACL?
The Albuquerque Chess League is a team chess league sponsored by the Wired Kings Chess Club held bi-monthly (from February to October) in the community room of the Main (Downtown) Library at 501 Copper NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. It will replace 5 regular WKCC events per year, but will still offer 2 rated games in league-months at a slower time control.

Who can enter?
All ages and ability levels are welcome. USCF membership required. Individual entries will be accepted and will be paired with teammates. Team entries must consist of at least 3 players with up to 2 alternates. The first 20 teams will be accepted.

Dates: February 4th, April 7th, June 2nd, August 4th, October 6th - each date consists of a 2-round match with an opposing team. Team pairings will be announced at and at

Round Times: Rounds will be at 10:30am and 2:30pm each date the league meets.

Time Control: G/90 with a 5 second delay.

Entry Fee:
$100/team or $30/Individual entry. This entry fee will cover the entire 5 month period. Entries must be postmarked by January 20, 2012. Mail entry to: Chad Schneider, 12004 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87112. Checks payable to: Wired Kings Chess Club.

Sections: The 6 highest rated teams will be in the Premier section. Remaining teams will be in the Open section. Team rating is based on the average rating of the three highest rated individuals on the team (including alternates) using the 12/11 supplement.

Prizes, Premier Section: 1st- $300 & traveling plaque, 2nd – Free entry 2013, 1st each board - $50. Open Section: Team and board prizes awarded - 75% payout based on entries. 1st place overall receives rating exemption to enter Premier Section in 2013.

*Up to 2 half point byes available upon request in Open Section. Byes are not available in Premier Section (Round Robin).

Info: (505) 550-4654 E-mail: Library info: